Scheduling and Logging

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Making Scan Bookings[edit]

Use Calpendo to book the scanner. Calpendo is accessed at


Each time you run the scanner you need to log your time using the session recorder in Calpendo. You should also fill in the paper scan log. The scan log is in a red binder kept on the scanner console desk. This is the responsibility of the level 2 operator.

Under "scheduled time" indicate the amount of time booked in the google calendar.

Under "scanned time" indicate the amount of time you actually scanned. This is the time from when the subject goes in to when the subject comes out.

Also indicate how many subjects you scanned total during the session.

The scanned time forms the basis of what is charged to the Grant.

A ratio of 1.5 of scheduled to scanned time is permissable. If you go much over this, we may have a word with you after a while.