OsriX MD and the 64-bit extension

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32-bit OsiriX Lite limits the built-in DICOM viewer to about 500-1000 images in a series. Query and Retrieve are not limited. You can use Osrix Lite to retrieve and store a very large series.

Our standard work flow is to retrieve DICOM from PACS and immediately convert it to NifTI. We normally view the images after NifTI conversion.
Occasionally you may need to view an image or series of DICOM images. Typically this is for troubleshooting a suspected problem in format conversion. OsiriX Lite works with anatomical images or shorter functional runs. The image viewer in OsiriX Lite will fail to load long fMRI runs.

Our suggested work-around is to use Horos in place of OsriX Lite. Alternatively, use OsriX Lite to retrieve the DICOM and Slicer to view the images. Windows users could also try MicroDicom

Pixmeo used to license the 64-bit extension as a stand-alone add-on. They no longer do this and the imaging unit does not have the 64-bit extension. The 64-bit extension is now bundled in with OsiriX MD. If you must use OsiriX to view large sequences, you will need to buy Osirix MD. A single copy sells for $699.00 and a 10-seat site license is $5,199.[1]