How to get certified as an Operator

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Every person working at the BIU needs to pass at least the basic (level 1) safety training.

Authorised Personel - Scanner Operators

  • Level 1: Has access code to operator room. Can assist in imaging experiments (see operating rules below for more information)
  • Level 2: Can operate the scanner, has access to magnet room, and can scan human participants with one other authorised person.
  • A list of current approved Scanner Operators is maintained HERE.
    • If you are not on the list, you are not helping with experiments down at the scanner!

Level 1 Training

Training to a level 1 operator involves a number of steps:

  1. Download and read MRI_Operating_rules.pdf.
  2. Download and read BIU Participant Screening form.
  3. Watch the following 3 safety videos:
    1. MRI Introduction.
    2. RF Safety Aspects.
    3. Magnetic Field Safety Aspects.
  4. Have a level 2 colleague from your laboratory provide an induction to the MRI suite and train you in basic safety principles and operation of the bed. Both the level 2 operator and your principal investigator should acknowledge your receipt of training by an email sent to Richard Binney.
  5. Take the safety quiz (without using notes - your trainer should observe you). Your trainer should obtain the latest version of this quiz from Richard Binney and return answers by email.

Level 2 Training

To get certified as a level 2 operator, you should have at least one year of experience of being an level 1 operator. You should also accumulate significant experience of running the scanner yourself. This will necessarily be done under the supervision of a current level 2 operator. Please contact Paul Mullins to arrange a final session of observation that could lead to certification as a level 2 operator.