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MR unsafe sign.svg.png
NEVER bring outside tools into the magnet room. Standard hand tools are unsafe in the MRI environment.
NEVER bring Aluminum Bronze tools into the magent room. Aluminum Bronze(AlBr) is non magnetic up to 1.5T. Our 3.0T magnet is not compatible with Aluminum Bronze.

MR conditional sign.svg.png
Only Philips Engineers are allowed to bring their own tools into the magnet room. No other outside tools are permitted.
We have four titanium hand tools. These are the only tools approved to go inside the magnet room. The tools are:

Titanium Hand Tools
  • Imprex titanium #2x6" philips head screwdriver
  • Imprex titanium 1/4x5" flat head screwdriver
  • Imprex titanium 8" adjustable wrench
  • PB Swiss Tools titanium 4mm allen wrench

Purple Titanium Allen Key.jpg

This purple titanium allen key fits the clamp screws on the BOLDScreen. Any adjustments to the screws must be done using this tool ONLY. We suggest adjustments to the screen or trolly be done outside of the magnet room.

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